Breaking: Fetty Wap Rushes to Hospital After Alexis Skyy's Water Breaks

Alexis Skyy was admitted to the hospital overnight due to pregnancy complications, but all reports from Fetty Wap and friends seem to say that mama and baby are doing just fine.

The story that can be made out a series Instagram posts is that Alexis� water broke early, but she did not appear to go into labor. Premature water breaking that does not lead to a premature birth happens in about 2% pregnancies. Women who go through this are typically kept under observation for 48 hours, which would explain the videos a sleepy Fetty Wap telling fans that everything�s good on Instagram Live from Alexis� bedside.

�She�s still pregnant. Her water did break but her and the baby are fine,� Alexis� bestie Ikey told his followers in a series Instagram videos.