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BriGuel Teams Up With Andres Gonzales On Debut EP 2020:Vision

NYC-based artists BriGuel teamed up with Baltimore-native musician Andres Gonzales and released together a positive and holistic EP titled 2020:Vision. The collection was described by Elevator Mag as Produced entirely by Matt Chiaraville, 2020 Vision is an uplifting, inspirational EP that finds its’ footing through poignant lyrics, intriguing melodies, and tranquility that eases the mind.

Brianne’s tender voice and smooth singing between rapping parts of Andres Gonzales and Miguel Gluckstern carries the whole EP and gives an extra flavor to the message they are addressing. Each of the songs aimed to share with the audience a special uplifting cheer-up; “No One Really Knows” opens with lines about how the future can’t be predicted, and it hits listeners with its accuracy due to COVID-19 outbreak, and BLM movement striking strong in the US. 

“The Difference ” was the first released track from the EP, and it was also featured in the documentary movie that BriGuel and Andres Gonzales produced together earlier this year. “The goal of ‘The Difference’ is to share that despite any external chaos that may be occurring, ‘we have the power, its in our hands its up to us’ to live a life we choose and to make a difference,” explain BriGuel. (Magnetic Magazine)

The absolute highlight of 2020:Vision is a song titled “Different View” – the chemistry of all musicians and different vibes each of them is sending, mixes into one balanced and polished musical experience. The song is delivered on an EDM-inspired beat, and while rappers drop bilingual lines, their flow sinks in synths, and all extra robotic effects blend with their voices into one piece. 

The EP closes with the motivational and positive anthem “Keep Going,” a track that kicks off with Brianne singing “When you feel like you just can’t go / Keep going, keep going,” and ending with jaw-dropping verses delivered by her, and the choir. 

BriGuel surely had a vision on how their debut EP should sound like, and the timing when they decided to drop it could not be better. In uncertain times, when we all need positive vibes, and good energy that pushes us to keep going 2020:Vision is a must listen! 

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