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Brittney Taylor May Have Accused Papoose Of Assault: Report

It all comes down to a screenshot.

The rumors surrounding the alleged altercation between Brittney Taylor and continue. Here’s a quick recap of the court case involving these two rappers: Earlier this year, the Love & Hip Hop New York stars attended Pretty Lous Benefit Concert. According to Brittney, Remy punched her in the face without provocation,

Remy’s friends have come to her defense, most notably who was also a guest at the event and asserted that Remy never laid a hand on Brittney. At the time, R and was in line with the law. However, Brittney has pressed forward with her suit and has stayed quiet about whatever allegedly transpired that evening.

It’s been  but a screenshot that surfaced on social media has stirred things up. It was allegedly sent from Brittney to her “close friends” circle on Instagram, and on it, the rapper states that it was Remy’s husband that assaulted her. 

“I have the video,” the message says. “Papoose is a B*tch for toching me and he’s a B*tch for making his wife take the wrap for it. SMFH!!! N*gga really knocked me out bro! Sh*t making me sick to my soul.” If true, Brittney may want to reevaluate who those “close friends” to begin. Next, if this is a message truly from Brittney, where she plainly states that it was Remy, not Papoose, who assaulted her. 

Remy has openly called Brittney a “liar” and contends that not only did she never lay a finger on Brittney, but she had already left the event at the time Brittney claims to have been attacked. Meanwhile, on Brittney’s Instagram Story, the rapper spoke of having a habit of not entertaining gossip. Only time will tell.

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