Brooklyn-Based Urban Creator Sydmac Drops “Bread & Circuses”

Brooklyn, NY-based artist Sydmac is back with a major drop; the fiery track titled “Bread & Circuses.” This raw and authentic track displays the artist’s engaging art, a sophisticated blend between socio-political lyrics and a minimalist yet utterly efficient sonic design that perfectly aligns with his messages. A multi-faceted artist, Sydmac also extracts the best from rap’s golden era and adds on it the most modern beats and production means to effortlessly outshine his competitors.

With a musical twist in his style of hip-hop, he is influenced by Jay-Z, Nas, and many others, with a purpose of putting together the substance of the old school rap, with the flair of the new hip-hop.

What stuns is the unique instrumentals including piano lines towards the end of the track, but also the melodic progression that could very well be heard in a classical symphonic orchestra.

For those who enjoy listening to “Bread & Circuses,” also make sure to stream the otherworldly track “Hums,” a magnificent slow-paced masterpiece by the unmatchable Sydmac. 

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