BrYlan Kerr – “What I Want” (Death of Mumble Rap)

BrYlan Kerr – “What I Want” (Death  Mumble Rap)

Known for his underground college party series dubbed $tudio No•37 featuring live Hip-Hop acts, fashion, graffiti and painters, BrYlan Kerr is a leader the “ART IS CURRENCY” movement that’s gotten so much attention in Atlanta amongst artists, entertainers and Hip-Hop fans.

Believing wholeheartedly that, “you can and should do What You Want!” BrYlan Kerr unleashes the visual for “What I Want” which he directed and edited on his own.

“I got started by being inspired by the great artists that came before me. How free they expressed themselves which gave me the confidence to continue along my day when I was young,” BrYlan Kerr said. “I wanted to give the youth the same feeling that these artists gave me and being around all my friends, that’s how we related to each other…through music.”

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