Burger King Employee Pulls Gun On Customer Who Complained About Order

Wild behaviour.

It seems as though some of the wildest most unheard of behaviour can go down in fast food establishments. From our most recent update on how a  to a new story on a woman who pulled out a gun on a customer at Burger King who complained about a complication with their order – seriously.

Burger King Employee Pulls Gun On Customer Who Complained About Order
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to WREG, a Memphis woman named Oderrial Moore-Williams (who works at BK) was upset when a customer claimed she was charged too much for her order. The incident went down at a drive thru window and when the customer pulled over, four employees reportedly charged her car. When customer went to reach for something was when Oderrial pulled her gun out and pointed it at the disgruntled customer. 

Oderrial was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. “There’s a ways to handle things and I think that management or somebody above management need to go, just sort of screen their workers to make sure that they know how to handle things,” a customer on the scene told the publication, while another added: “If you come with problems, problems gonna follow you. That’s what you gonna get.”

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