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Busta Rhymes and Destructo Are "F!*king S!*t Up" on New Song –

When it comes to rappers who break the knob off when they turn up, Busta Rhymes is one of the best who ever did it. On Friday (April 13), he joined Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Destructo on the fittingly lit track "Fucking Shit Up."

As you could have guessed by the title, this song is made to be played at high volumes. Destructo provides a dark, dreamy soundscape for Bussa Buss to spazz over. "You see me in here how I fucking this bitch up/And this beat is the type shit that make niggas want grip up," he rhymes. "When you talk so much shit, how a nigga gon' slip up?/I'm in love with the dough, not in love with a stripper/I will murder niggas, they call me Jack The Ripper/While I'm fucking your bitch, I'll be fucking her sister."

Buss appears to be working on his new album. If February, he teamed up with Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland on the song "Get It." It was also recently announced that he has been cooking up in the lab with Ski Mask The Slump God. Fans have been waiting patiently for the Brooklyn rapper's new LP. His last solo album Year of the Dragon came out in 2012. In 2015, he put out the mixtape The Return of the Dragon (The Abstract Went on Vacation).

Listen to Destructo and Busta Rhymes' new track "Fucking Shit Up" below.

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