C-Murder Joins Hunger Strike in Angola Prison Due to Horrifying Conditions

C-Murder has joined a hunger strike at Angola Prison in Louisiana, protesting the conditions that he and other inmates claim they are suffering through.

The rapper, who is currently serving a life sentence connected to a murder outside a Harvey, Louisiana nightclub, joined in a hunger strike to hopefully improve the conditions the notorious lock-up. In a phone interview with AllHipHop Miller decried the way that prisoners are treated and took particular aim at the prisons warden.

Only in Angola can a Warden be arrested for r*pe and continue to serve as an ficer in this Louisiana Penal System, C-Murder said. This Warden has an abundant amount racism and physical harm complaints against him from other inmates. We need an investigation now.?

The former rapper also alleges that guards are murdering inmates and then reporting their deaths as suicides. The strikers also allege that the administration the prison provided poor medical care, physically abused, violated them, and otherwise abused their power.