"Captain Marvel" Trailer Hints At Brainwashing, Traitors, & Nick Fury's Backstory

Captain Marvel will give followers an opportunity to get to know the hero that may undoubtedly combat Thanos. In the comedian books, Captain Marvel (actual title Carol Danvers) goes by way of a plotline the place she is brainwashed. In the newest trailer for the following MCU movie, Marvel makes it clear that they are going to be adapting that storyline. Originally, the plot was considered as controversial as a result of it concerned a relationship whereas Danvers had her thoughts wiped (which is rape). Disney in all probability will not deal with one thing as darkish as that, however it appears to be like like they’ll a minimum of dive into the brainwashing component. 

Danvers barley remembers a life again on Earth, and within the new trailer, a mysterious “hero” explains how she saved Carol. Her blood is blended with Kree blood, which in flip should result in her powers. This sounds just like the plot of Scarlett Johansson’s ill-fated Ghost within the Shell. The individuals who claimed to have saved the hero, actually set them as much as experiment on them. Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nicky Fury tags alongside along with his first superhero. The movie is predicated within the 90’s, and Jackson is digitally de-aged to roughly thirty years outdated for the film. I am certain we’ll get to see how he loses his eye, and likewise, how he formulated the thought to create a workforce of heroes. Check out the brand new trailer beneath, and catch Captain Marvel in theaters March eight.

Tommy Tattz – Murdera