Cardi B & Chadwick Boseman Tease SNL Appearance

Whoever is in charge of booking hosts for SNL deserves a raise. Cardi and Chadwick Boseman are set to perform and host, respectively, on Saturday Night Live tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited. Black Panther is the top grossing superhero film of all time in the US, while Cardi just released her highly anticipated debut album Invasion Of Privacy. Both entertainers are bound to give SNL one of the highest ratings, and best skits, in recent memory. Before the duo takes over television screens Saturday night, they gave fans a teaser of what’s to come.

SNL usually releases promotion featuring their musical guest and host prior to the live show, and this week is no different. In a montage of promo clips, Cardi, Boseman, and Leslie Jones address fans worldwide with a few hysterical shorts. Apparently, the “B” in Cardi B stands for Boseman, and the two just might have a thing for each other, according to one hilarious short. We don’t think Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia would appreciate that at all. 

Check out the promo shorts for this weekend’s episode of SNL below, and make sure to tune in tomorrow (April 7) for what will be Boseman’s first time hosting and Cardi’s first time performing as the leading musical guest on the legendary live series.

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