Cardi B Defends Star Brim After Rah Ali Calls Star A "Bum Ass B*tch"

The two-year-old New York Fashion Week beef has been reignited.

 since that fateful New York Fashion Week fight that left a massive knot on Cardi’s forehead. Ever since , Star Brim, Cardi’s bestie, has been  Star’s most recent invitation to square up came on Instagram last week, after Rah called Star out for hyping up an unfavourable meme of Rah’s friend and 

Rah took the issue to her radio show, “On Site!” where she responded to Star’s invitation by calling her “a stone cold bum ass b*tch.” Rah went on to say that people only “know [Star’s] name because of her association to Cardi” and thus, “what she’s trying to do is prove to Cardi that she’s a rider.”

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Cardi was not having any of that, so the rapper decided to take matters into her own hands. She posted a statement defending Star,  Though the post has since been deleted, Cardi denounced Rah’s claims that Star has to leech off her.

“My friend Star wears the same amount of name brand clothes that these b*tches that love calling people ‘bums’ be wearing,” Cardi declared. “She don’t gotta ask me for sh*t or leech of me. THATS NOT A FRIENDSHIP. Star don’t do stuff for me for expectations I DONT BUY FRIENDS that’s why I barely have any. You can’t be in you mid 30s callin people bums when you own no property and no businesses..STAR is due in 3 weeks n got off social media to relax n not stress and I still Talkin sh*t bout a bum. You been arrested for  and u actually pay less rent then her what makes u more superior?!” In the caption, she added, “People Looveee antagonizing then get called out and play innocent. This internet sh*t is ridiculous and people do the most for a response. Sick of it.” Rah promised to address Cardi’s response in the next episode of “OnSite!” on Tuesday, although Star has vowed to stay out of everything until after her child is born.

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