Cardi B Doubled Down On Her ‘Not A Feminist Anymore’ And ‘Controversial’ Relationship Comments Despite Online Backlash


Cardi B is a mother, wife, rap superstar, actress, and businesswoman. Well, those are just a few of her personal and professional titles. But, the “Enough (Miami)” rapper has made it clear that there’s one label that just isn’t for her. During an outtake of her Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast appearance, Cardi confessed to host Wallo that she’s “not a feminist anymore.”

The video posted to Instagram caused an uproar online given Cardi’s past advocacy for women’s rights. One user on TikTok found the comments so appealing that they clapped back with a response clip. However, Cardi isn’t backing down. After gaining wind of the user’s disgust, Cardi stitched the video doubling down on her take specifically “going 50-50” in a relationship.

“I didn’t say women have to go 50-50 with a man,” she said. “And let me make this really clear, I wasn’t talking about my situation. Fortunately and I’m very grateful me and Offset we are practically part of the one percent. We don’t have to [follow regular relationship] rules or have regular bill sh*t that a lot of people experience because we are both rich. We both bought our home in Atlanta. We both went 50-50.”

After mentioning how her parents managed their finances during struggling times, Cardi closed with advice to couples in a similar situation. “If you love somebody and you are in a situation you both should work hard together,” she said. “Would you leave somebody that you love because they are not financial stable? But you know that you guys can build and grow?”

Some users agreed with Cardi’s sentiments. However, it is quite ironic coming from the rapper whose song “WAP” popularized the phrase, “Broke boys don’t deserve p*ssy.”

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