Cardi B Grinding On Offset At Daughter Kulture’s Birthday Party

Cardi B and Offset are one of hip-hop’s most well-known, headline-catching, and PDA-loving power couples. As such, it’s no surprise that they would keep things steamy at pretty much any event- including their daughter Kulture’s fifth birthday party. Moreover, Cardi grinded on the former Migo at the Super Mario-themed celebratory bash, which took place on Sunday (July 16) a few days after Kulture’s actual birthday. Still, it seems like they went all out for their daughter, and they both shared sweet messages for her on their social media pages.

“My baby is five,” Cardi B shared on Instagram with various pictures of Kulture. “Happy birthday to my pretty princess. It’s beautiful seeing my girl grow yet makes me a lil sad that my baby is not my little baby no more. Light lil turn up today till the weekend.” Offset’s message was similarly loving and wholesome, captioning a couple of pictures of him with her. “Happy birthday @kulturekiari your such a great daughter,” he wrote. “You make me smile every time I lay eyes on you… I can’t believe you are 5 years old already. I remember holding you when you were first born in my arms… daddy’s girl I love you so much.”

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Offset & Cardi B Dance Like No One’s Watching

Also, it’s honestly great to see the couple in this admittedly very public display of affection following cheating rumors Offset levied at Cardi B. “Listen,” the Bronx MC stated on Twitter Spaces. “Don’t pay attention to the country man, y’all. That Spaces the other day? That motherf***er’s spiralin’. Come on, now. I’m Cardi B, n***a. I think sometimes motherf***ers forget that I’m Cardi B. If I was givin’ this p***y to anybody, it would be out. Can’t f**k me no regular-degular-schmegular! Cuz they gon’ tell the world. And I can’t f**k nobody in the industry, cuz they gon’ tell too! So please, boy. Stop actin’ stup*d!”

Meanwhile, despite this contention, it seems like things patched up between the two after all. Of course, this isn’t the first time that they dealt with rumors like these in their relationship. With a family to nurture, though, it’s heartening to see them stay strong and supportive throughout the whole ordeal. On that note, check back in with HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Cardi B and Offset.

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