Cardi B Is Designing Her Own Line with Fashion Nova

Young Belcalis Almanzar is actively unbothered by any negativity that’s thrown her way. Instead, she’s keeping herself busy with a new project that’ll surely make her lots of “shmoney.” After weeks of speculation and whispers, Cardi B has finally comfirmed that her Fashion Nova line is a go!

The star shared the news on Instagram last night (April 9). “I have designed, and I’m still designing, my very own fashion line with Fashion Nova,” Cardi said in a video.

Fall Coming

Cardi B Is Designing Her Own Line with Fashion Nova

Source: Instagram @iamcardib

The Invasion of Privacy artist didn’t give many details on the upcoming release, but she did say that Fashion Nova’s team is filled with “the greatest people.” “They are giving me good quality, everything, for my fall collection. And I’m so excited to share with y’all,” she continued.

The rapper added that she’s “excited” to see buyers dressed “very fashionably.” She ended the announcement saying, “Let’s wait for the fall.”

And wait we shall. Fans slid, jumped and pilled into the comments section, showering Cardi with love and encouragement.

“U GOOOOOO GIRL. GET IT. IM SO HAPPY FOR UUUUU!!!!!! Make that smoney!!!!!” one fan said. “I’ll be patiently waiting !!!!!!” said another.

“About damn time, mami!!!!! Been waiting for this s**t!! Lol,” an Instagram user wrote.

On Numerous Occasions

On numerous occasions, Cardi has spoke highly of Fashion Nova, shouting the retailer out in interviews and on social media.

She even wore the brand’s jeans to the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, which she showed off in an Instagram video. Captioned “pulling up to the game in my @fashionnova!!!!” — referencing the star-studded event held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles — the star shared how “rich people” like herself stay well-endowed. “Hello there minons,” she began in a joking tone. “You wanna know how rich people like me stay rich? By staying on a budget.” Sticking out a leg for the camera, she added, “These pants right here are Fashion Nova.”

In January, during an interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1, Cardi shined some light on Fashion Nova again, comparing it to higher end brands. “You wanna know something, Fashion Nova is one of the only thing(s) that just fits my body. These high-end designers I love them but, none of their jeans fit this a**,” she shared. “None of them.”

Sitting With Anna

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Not only did Cardi and Anna Wintour sit next to each other during Alexander Wang’s runway show, but the duo also walked the runway in coordinated outfits. An excited Cardi posted a shot of herself and the famed fashion journalist wearing the season’s latest on Instagram, captioning the post, “Me and Anna Wintour Killin The Alexander Wang runway.”

While fans were shocked, no one was more stunned than the “Bartier Cardi” rapper herself. “I couldn’t believe it, girl,” Cardi spilled about her meeting with Anna Wintour to E! News. “I couldn’t contain myself, but I kept it together.”

“The Models couldn’t stand us,” Cardi added. Raking in over a half a million likes, the post garnered so much positivity. That is… until “The Big Big Beat” rapper Azealia logged on to Instagram. Azealia, who has built a reputation for speaking negatively about her fellow female stars, hit Cardi with some harsh criticism underneath the photo, putting “others down to make herself feel better.”

“You’re too fat to walk the runway honey. But keep promotong that single biiih,” she commented under the post. Moving on to promote her own single, Azealia continued, “ANNA WINTOUR FT MEL B .. let them know you stan honey !!!”

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