Cardi B Opens Up On Spending New Years Eve With Offset

Reports of a rocky period in Cardi B and Offset‘s marriage have dominated the headlines for the better part of the past month. It started when fans uncovered that the pair had unfollowed each other on Instagram, but nothing since then has been clear. During an Instagram live responding to the rumors Cardi poured gasoline on the flame when she described herself as “single.” She doubled down later on when she took shots at her husband during a night out just before the holidays.

Now, things may not be as rocky as they seemed after all. It started when the pair spent Christmas together and fans began to suspect that the turbulence in their relationship was being over-exaggerated. That seemed to be the case again when they partied together last night. Videos made the round overnight of the pair enjoying their New Year’s Eve together. That clearly got fans buzzing, so much so that Cardi felt the need to respond. As she so often does, she jumped on Twitter spaces to answer fan questions. That included giving an explanation of her and Offset’s night together. Check out what she said below.

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Cardi B Details New Years With Offset

In her response to fan intrigue about hanging out with Offset again, Cardi B may have given them more than they bargained for. While she wasn’t particularly committal on the status of things going forward, she had no reservations about revealing what happened overnight. “Did I get d*cked down yesterday? Absolutely,” she remarked during her Twitter space.

Many Cardi B fans are hoping that her long-awaited second album will drop in 2024. The project was teased throughout 2023 but nothing ever materialized. Eventually Cardi confirmed that her new album wasn’t coming out in 2023. But in the process she led many fans to believe that it wasn’t too far away either. What do you think of Cardi B’s revelations about spending New Year’s Eve with Offset? Let us know in the comment section below.

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