Cardi B Reveals She and GloRilla Are Related

Cardi B reveals she is related to GloRilla.

Cardi B Reveals She’s GloRilla’s Cousin

On Thursday (March 14), Big Boy TV aired a new interview with Cardi B in promotion of her upcoming album. During the sit-down, Bardi makes the revelation that she is related to GloRilla.

“A lot of people don’t know this, this is a true story,” Cardi B says in the video below. “My grandfather… I don’t like to put my family business, like, but he used to push weight and everything. And there was like this one time that like, he lived in Tennessee or whatever. So, he ain’t really told my grandma that he was dealing with somebody over there. Then, he had like a kid out there. You know, that’s GloRilla’s dad and everything, so that’s what’s makes us related.”

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GloRilla Reveals She’s Related to Lil Uzi Vert

The Cardi B revelation comes after GloRilla recently revealed she is related to Lil Uzi Vert, during an interview on the Past Your Bedtime podcast with host Fannita Leggett last month.

“That’s my cousin,” Glo revealed when asked about working with Uzi. “That’s my real cousin.”

When Fannita asked why the two rappers have yet to collab, Glo responded: “We actually working on it. We gon’ get it together. We never started on a song, we gotta get it together. That’s my cousin, though.”

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See Cardi B reveal she is related to GloRilla below.

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