Cardi B Says She’s Scrapping New Album After Argument With Twitter Trolls

Overnight, Cardi B‘s Twitter feed erupted. After she shared a snippet of new music she faced mixed reactions to the new music online. But what seemed to upset her even more was those questioning her work ethic. It’s been 5 years since she released her debut album Invasion Of Privacy. While she’s spent a lot of time teasing towards a follow-up, nothing solid has ever materialized. Earlier this year she confirmed to fans that she did have a new album on the way, but that it wouldn’t be released until 2024.

Now after having her work ethic criticized online, she went off on some fans. That included a number of serious moments, even wishing death on some people. Ultimately it concluded with Cardi claiming that there was no album anymore. Fans took issue with her declaration, claiming that it was what the trolls wanted and ended up hurting her most diehard fans. Eventually, she deleted almost every tweet she made throughout the night and it’s unclear where the status of her new album stands. Check out some of the posts she made in the comment section below.

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Cardi B Picking Fights With Trolls On Twitter

Recently, Cardi B did some modeling for Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS brand. The new cotton collection was released today with Cardi as one of the models. She described the feel of the clothes as “Snatched & Comfortable” in a series of videos and photo shoots showing off various clothes from the new line.

Cardi B also recently popped up twice on her husband Offset’s new album Set It Off. Initially, the duo collaborated on “JEALOUSY” the lead single from the album which directly played on their public relationship. She also appeared on another track on the album called “FREAKY” which made quite a splash at the listening party for the album. What do you think of Cardi B threatening to not release her new album? Let us know in the comment section below.

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