Cardi B Threatens Former Fellow 'LHHNY' Star: "Keep That Same F**kin' Energy"

What in the strip club Chronicles is going on here,” a fan asked after reading the latest on Cardi B.

Though the Invasion of Privacy artist is on a performance hiatus, she’s far from out of the spotlight. According to up and coming artist Nya Lee, who Cardi has known since her Love & Hip Hop days, the mommy-to-be is as loud as ever.

Lee posted screenshots of Instagram direct messages, where Cardi was… less than cordial with her.

“You know I spent hours fighting with myself on whether or not to even address this,” Lee began in the caption of the post. She ultimately decided to share because she’s assumably tired of “the media often times [brushing] things under the rug for their favs.”

The Screenshots

Cardi B Threatens Former Fellow 'LHHNY' Star: "Keep That Same F**kin' Energy"

Source: Instagram @og_nya.lee

The screenshots, which are dated April 7 of this year, shows Cardi messaging Lee after “peepin the funny s**t.” However, Lee’s post didn’t give any indication as to what lead to the heated message, leaving viewers a little confused.

“I find it so funny how you be on my dms Trina get close but you be doing shady s**t. EAT A D**K hating a** b***h,” Cardi wrote. “I peepin the funny s**t keep the same f**kin energy when you come around me.”

In response, Lee snapped right back.

“Girl bye ain’t nobody shady,” Lee wrote. “You deserve what you have because [of] your consistent hard work.

“I DON’T LIKE YOUR FLOW AND DELIVERY and i have the right to my own f**king opinion,” Lee added. “So get out of your pregnancy hormones b***h CAUSE YOU KNOW IM FAR FROM THE ONE TO PLAY WITH.”

“Never Hated”

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“I’ve never hated on you and still don’t,” Lee went on. “Your success ain’t EVER stop or detour my grind so like i said carry on ….. you was sucking my video guys d**k while he was editing my videos back in the day saying how dope i was so miss me with the bulls**t b***h.”

“B***h you was always trash and you still trash that’s why you still at where you at,” Cardi clapped back. “My delivery sucks but you beg me to do a song with you and kashdoll.”

“Idgaf say less and i want all the smoke,” Cardi added.

According to the screenshots, the exchange went on for quiet some time. Lee threw Cardi’s ghostwriting rumors in her face, before Cardi reminded Lee that she “begged” her for a feature. It ended with Lee telling Cardi that “time will show who the real underdog from NYC was.”

The Masses

Cardi B Threatens Former Fellow 'LHHNY' Star: "Keep That Same F**kin' Energy"

Source: Instagram @iamcardib

Of course, the masses had to throw in their thoughts. While some called for someone to “throw Cardi’s phone away,” Bardi Gang had her back.

“If she ever switched it up and tried to be more preserved yall would call her fake and hollywood and main stream,” a fan wrote. “If you were a cardi fan from the beginning you know this is what she does and she isnt going to change. So stop wishing on a star.”

“Smh alot of the underdogs jealous cause they wanna know why it was her and not them,” added another.

Before it was all said and done, Cardi address the public herself. In a now-deleted tweet, the star wrote:

“For now I’m going to be fake and let everybody play me. I’m going to let females that ask me for favors that comes to my face and say ‘I’m so proud of you’ but throw shade under comments and insta stories get away with it!! If you don’t like me cool but don’t act like you do.”


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