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Cardi B Twerks On A Man’s Face In "Vintage Pride" Video

No room for twerk wind.

A few years ago, was nowhere near the phenomenon she is today. In 2019, she can drop a song and it’ll almost instantly go platinum. However, when she was just starting out, she was still just that former exotic dancer from Love & Hip-Hop trying to strive in her music career. Bardi has had an unimaginable career trajectory thus far, beginning on reality television and ending up a superstar. Usually, things happen the other way around. Every move made by the young superstar is a little risqué. Her entire brand is and always was built around her bold personality and her ability to shock fans. Looking back on a time she was less popping, the rapper shared an old video of herself performing at Washington Pride a few years back, rubbing her booty in one man’s face.

Cardi B Twerks On A Man's Face In "Vintage Pride" Video
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The artist uploaded the video to her socials, flaunting her sexy moves and slowly bending down to the floor before lifting herself back up. Near the end of the clip, Cardi approaches a man in the front row and gives him a special show, turning around, bending over and twerking in his face. We’re not talking about near his face either. She got all up in there, insisting on him enjoying the performance.

At least this is a vintage video that Cardi is willingly sharing. As you likely know, . 

Would you accept a dance from Cardi B?

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