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Cardi B’s Chicken Foot Snack Leaves Fabolous & Many Others With Questions

“Nahhhh wtf is that?”

I mean, at this point there really isn’t anything could post or share on social media that would shock anyone. The “Money” rapper has always been open and very, very candid about every aspect fo her life be it her sex life with , her cosmetic procedures to certain events from back in her stripping days. Of course, each story or tibit of information Cardi shares with her fans brings on heaps of reactions and commentary and her latest video upload to her Instagram feed has done it again. 

Cardi B's Chicken Foot Snack Leaves Fabolous & Many Others With Questions
Scott Legato/Getty Images

Cardi’s latest share is a video of her munching on some chicken, specifically the foot of the chicken. “How ya doing?” she captioned the clip that shows her going in, on a mission to leave no meat behind. If you think the video is entertaining (or not), then the comment section will do something for you since lots of familiar people have dropped off some funny statements. “Nahhhh wtf is that?” commented while Stefflon Don wrote, “Chicken foot I haven’t ate that since i was a kid it’s actually nice.”

Upcoming female MC Chika come through with a smart reaction, writing, “idk why but i’m taking this as a threat.”

Peep the clip below, if you so wish. 

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