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Cardi Bs Crips Feud Causes L.A. Nightclubs To Tighten Security

Los Angeles, CA – Cardi Bs recent show contempt toward the Crips gang has caused a number nightclubs in Los Angeles to ramp up their security ahead the Bronx rappers visit next week, according to TMZ.

Cardi, who was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl over the weekend, took to Instagram to upload a picture her rocking a blue fur coat, but it was her choice use words in the posts caption field that has irritated some Crip gang members.

I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin, Cardi, who has long associated herself with the Blood gang, wrote. Flue is a term used by some Blood gang members to refer to the color their Crip rivals without mentioning the actual word.

Cardi later deleted the caption, and even disabled comments after a flurry threats came her way.

Cardi, who is headed toL.A. for next weeks NBA All-Star festivities, is set to appear at three nightclubs over the weekend.

Following an emergency management meeting on Wednesday (February 7), the three clubs are reported to be tripling the number armed security guards on site, and even hiring f-duty law enforcement ficers tohandle any gang violence that may break out.