Carlos Vives' 'No Te Vayas' Campaign: How He 'Called' 250,000 Fans

‘No Te Vayas’ Innovative Stay At Home Campaign Nets Digital Success For Carlos Vives

In times of COVID-19, Carlos Vives has figured out a way to parlay the title of his new single into a pandemic-suitable message and an innovative digital campaign.

“No Te Vayas” (Don’t Leave), a duet with fellow Colombian Manuel Turizo, was released April 22, as long planned, but had been recorded for months. Vives wondered if it were possible to somehow transform the “don’t leave” message into something relevant for those staying at home, particularly in Latin America, where lockdown orders have been extremely strict. The solution came by marrying “No Te Vayas” with “De Tu Casa” (From Your Home), for a “No Te Vayas de Tu Casa” (Don’t Leave Your Home) message.

The ensuing digital campaign, launched in tandem with the new single and video, resulted in more than 250,000 fans getting a personal phone message from Vives that eventually led directly to his video on YouTube.

This is how it went down: Vives’ label, Sony Music U.S. Latin, partnered with advertising firm The Amazement Agency to produce a social-media campaign that had Vives personally “calling” his fans. The singer posted a message on Instagram asking fans to “call him” by going to the webpage. On the webpage, fans plugged in their names to get a personalized shout-out from Vives, who greeted each fan by name, chatted with them from his studio about the importance of staying home during COVID, and finally “called” them on Facetime. The ultimate reward was landing on his new video.

During the first eight hours of the promo, more than 50,000 people “spoke” with Vives. Within 24 hours, 250,000 fans got calls. To achieve this, Vives prerecorded greetings for more than 2,000 names, which were then activated once plugged into the site. (Leila, by the way, was not one of them.)

Watch the new video here:

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