Cassie Opens Up About Leaving Bad Boy and Going Independent

Its been 15 years since Cassie released her breakout hit Me & U.

In honor of the anniversary, the mother of two stopped by Ciaras Apple Music show Level Up Radio to reflect on the changing music industry and discuss her departure from Bad Boy Records, where she released her 2006 debut album Cassie.

I left Bad Boy. I was able to get out of my deal. So now Im independent, Cassie confirmed. So thats just very different from the start.

The 34-year-old singer, who ended her romantic relationship with Sean Diddy Combs in 2018, married Alex Fine in 2019 and welcomed two girls, Frankie and Sunny. Since leaving Bad Boy, she has been releasing music independently via her Ventura Music label.

Its so different. And I mean, even now Im just in a different place in my life, said Cassie, who is happy being her own boss and making her own decisions.

Its the place to be, just to own your stuff and just You could do whatever you want. You could wake up tomorrow and be like, Okay, I want to record four records. And then put them out and its mine. And what you going to say?’

Ciara, who launched her own independent label Beauty Marks Entertainment, concurred. And you dont feel the pressure of like having to wait on if someones going to like something or have to wait on someone else to make a decision for you, she said. You get to make the decision for yourself. And thats true girl empowerment right there.

Ciara also handed Cassie her flowers, calling Me & U a classic. When I hear people playing it still, Im like, That song is so old,’ said Cassie. But its like, Okay, Ill accept the classic. Ill accept the classic.

During the interview, Ciaras son Future also called up his mother asking to speak with Cassie. Listen below.

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