Cassius Gray – Flight 22 [Video]

Cassius’ woozy charisma is as hypnotic as it is refreshing. ‘Flight 22’ is a stripped-back, no-nonsense approach to UK chill rap. One of the most notable elements of the track is Cassius’ sly sense of humour interwoven throughout his lyricism.

From serious undertones of drug addiction to light-hearted quips, there are most definitely some one-liners to remember. Flight 22 opens with a playful introduction from Cassius, welcomed by luxurious chords and silky trumpet riffs. The instrumental is soothing, yet clinical, with its crisp drums and percussion. The accompanying music video is spacious and dream-like. The empty parks and cold pavements directly reflect the prominent idea within the song of blissful disconnect from the hustle-and-bustle. The hook towards the end of the track is so catchy it almost becomes instinctive. It’s as if you’d known it all along.

Flight 22 is an entrancing reminder of Gray’s talent and confidence in the UK alternative rap scene. Sit back and zone out to this one.

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