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Chance The Rapper Calls Out Heineken Commercial As "Terribly Racist"

Chance The Rapperhas taken aim at Heineken over a new commercial that he has labeled terribly racist.

The advertisement intended to promote the brewing companys range lightbeers features a bartender spotting a woman at a rotop party. He subsequently opens up a bottle Heineken Light and slides it down the bar, past two black women and a black man, before landing it in the hands the woman he first spotted. It then pops up with the tagline, Sometimes, lighter is better.

After seeing the advertisement, Chance turned to Twitter on Sunday (March 25) to share his view that companies are purposely making commercials with racial undertones to drive traffic and help gain more views.

It comes just a few months after H&M came under fire for putting an African American child in ahoodie with the words COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE on the front. The Weeknd and G-Eazy subsequently cut ties with the Swedish retail giant, which later apologized and removed the hoodie from their stores and website.

Check out the full Heineken commercial above.