Chance The Rapper Pulls The ‘Stars Out’ On His Celebratory New ‘Star Line’ Single

Chance The Rapper’s comeback trail continues with “Stars Out,” the latest single from Star Line, the follow-up to the Chicago rapper’s debut album, The Big Day. While previous singles “Buried Alive” and “Together” were heady, introspective songs about Chance’s efforts to rebuild his confidence and take care of his family after his first album underperformed, “Stars Out” is more celebratory, with Chance in more of a party mode, pulling out his Rolls-Royce Phantom to flex for a night on the town. However, Chano’s serpentine lyricism is still on full display, with rapid-fire punchlines peppering a jazzy instrumental.

Although it’s getting a little late in the year for Chance to hit his intended release window of spring 2024, Chance has probably earned himself a little grace with his confident singles. He also deserves a little after experiencing some upheaval in his personal life; in April, it was revealed he and his wife Kirsten Corley had agreed to a divorce after a trial separation — a decision that definitely prompted some soul-searching for the noted wife guy. Now that he’s recalibrated his identity to account for the loss, though, he’s got the release of Star Line to look forward to — and so do we, the fans.

Listen to Chance The Rapper’s “Stars Out” above.