Charlie Puth Dances Through a Dinner Date Gone Awry in Hilarious 'Girlfriend' Video

Charlie Puth tries his best to impress a potential “Girlfriend” in his infectious new music video, but things quickly take an unexpected turn.

In the goofy vignette, the crooner prepares for a dinner date at his house, but he burns the food so ends up having to order delivery. After a quick spray of air freshener and the table all set, the clock strikes nine and poor Charlie’s date has yet to arrive.

To pass the time, Puth throws a solo dance party at home, and when his date shows up, she finds him twerking on the dinner table.

“I’ve never released a music video that wholeheartedly showed my personality,” Puth said of the clip in a press statement. “The video for ‘Girlfriend’ is the first time I’ve truly been myself in every aspect. I can’t cook and I’m an absolute nerd. It’s also meant to visually represent what I want people to do when they hear my music and that’s to have fun in their very own way.”

Watch it all go down below.

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