Chinese Kitty & DreamDoll’s Drama On “The Impact New York” Is Like Cardi B & Nicki Minaj’s, Former Says

Now that social media keeps us up to date with our favourite celebrities in real-time, the reality TV industry has had to undergo significant changes to keep viewers entertained. Audiences of The Kardashians seem to be dwindling due to the content’s predictable nature, but other programs, like Baddies and The Impact, continue to thrive. On the Atlanta version of the latter, we’ve gotten to know influencers like Jayda Cheaves and Ari Fletcher on a more intimate level. As for the New York edition, it’s names like Chinese Kitty and DreamDoll who’ve been taking centre stage.

The East Coast-based pair have been feuding plenty since the series began this month. “I’m not doing no music, no business, no videos, no same room. Nothing at all,” Kitty declared in a confessional interview last week, talking about her refusal to be around her co-star. “I’m a little confused,” Dream admitted in a separate conversation. “This is something that she could’ve texted me or even made her manager follow up with. Right now, I’m getting frustrated.” The snippet in question doesn’t reveal exactly what’s causing tension between the women, but in the preview below, we hear Kitty compare the situation to what we’ve seen transpire between icons like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

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The Impact New York is Bringing the Drama

While she doesn’t specifically state that she and Dream are comparable to the other femcees in their craft, blogs and haters are running with that story. “Y’all opened the door for this,” one popular comment reads. “Y’all made these girls believe when they host club appearances and have a viral verse that they on the same level as [Nicki Minaj] and that’s NUTS.”

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“She didn’t compare herself to them,” another user argued under @theneighborhoodtalk’s post. “She was talking about the tension between them,” they added. Keep scrolling to read more reactions to Chinese Kitty’s comments, and let us know if you’ve been watching The Impact New York in the comments below.

The Impact

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Chinese Kitty

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