Chlöe Is A Self-Made Woman And Won’t Be Easily Swayed By Wealth On Her New Single ‘FYS’

Nearly a year after dropping her solo debut album, In Pieces, Chlöe is back with new music. Tonight (March 1), the R&B superstar has shared her new single “FYS” — which stands for “F*ck Your Status.”

On the song, Chlöe dips her toes into the realm of rhythmic, alternative R&B. Though she has many men vying for her attention, she stands on business letting them know that wealth or luxury won’t impress her, as she’s already attained it on her own.

“F*ck your status, it don’t matter / Money, cars and the diamonds / Don’t faze me, I been had it / F*ck your status / I just wanna love you, baby / What you wanna do?,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

It’s gearing up to be a big year for Chlöe. In an interview with Elle, Chlöe and her sister, Halle Bailey, revealed they are working on new music — both as solo acts, and together as a duo. Additionally, Chlöe is gearing up for her first ever solo Coachella performance, set to take place at this year’s festival in April.

“I’m excited,” said Chlöe. “Performing is my favorite thing to do and I’ll be performing my whole heart out. So I can’t wait.”

You can listen to “FYS” above.