Chris Brown Reveals Car Crash Involving ‘Stalker’

Chris Brown

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Chris Brown Reveals Car Crash Involving ‘Stalker’

  /  09.29.2022

Go crazy.

Chris Brown has had some wild fan encounters in the past, but the fandom appears to have reached new levels.

On Thursday, Chris detailed an incident with a “stalker,” who seemingly crashed a car while trying to get to him. He shared a photo on his Instagram Story of a white pickup truck that rolled over a Tesla in what looks like a residential neighborhood.

Chris was in disbelief while describing the surreal scene. “Bruh wtf?! I have so many questions people really fried!!!” he wrote in his caption.

Chris Brown Stalker Crash

While Chris himself didn’t appear to be involved, the Tesla owner wasn’t as fortunate. “Another stalker… this time these folks done ran into somebody shit,” he said. “Shit look like the hulk just placed this truck on top of this Tesla.”

This is hardly the first time Chris has dealt with intruders. Earlier this year, police were called to the singer’s San Fernando Valley home after a woman showed up on numerous occasions. No arrests were made, but police filed an incident report.

Back in 2015, the singer returned to his home to find a naked woman in his bed and “I Love You” spray painted on the kitchen counter. The 21-year-old trespasser was booked for felony burglary and felony vandalism.

When he’s not dealing with obsessed fans, Breezy recently shot a video for his three-year-old track “Under the Influence” after it went viral and charted on Billboard.

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