Chris Brown Sympathizes With Conor McGregor: "We All Get Crazy Sometimes"

There are low points in everybody’s life. At the lowest of the lows, it becomes hard to compose yourself and, especially when cameras capture your every move, any negative situation is amplified in the media. Conor McGregor recently turned himself in after throwing a chair at a bus full of fighters at a UFC media event. 50 Cent has already commented several times on the matter, continuing his ongoing clash with McGregor but TMZ caught up with Chris Brown to hear his opinion on the matter.

Famously battling through his own hardships and controversies, Breezy is no stranger to negative headlines. His domestic altercation with Rihanna tainted his public image for much of his career and as he continues to prove that he is a changed man, he issued a brief statement about the UFC star. Keeping things simple, CB said of McGregor’s rampage, “We all get crazy sometimes.” Sympathizing with the fighter, Breezy did not make any further comments to the photographer, preferring to keep things concise.

Chris has made similar headlines to what is going on right now with Conor, as you’ll recall him throwing a rock through his mother’s windshield in 2013, being thrown out of rehab consequentially. If Conor needs any advice, Breezy may be just the guy to go to in this case. Do you think McGregor has a future in the UFC or has he dug his own grave?

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