Chris Brown Threatens To Knock Out Valet Parking Attendant

No stranger to controversy over the years, Chris Brown had the opportunity to get himself into some more trouble last night. TMZ cameras caught up with the superstar outside of a Los Angeles hotspot as he was arguing with a valet parking attendant over the service charge. While the exact numbers are not detailed, they were likely extravagant as it got to a point where Chris said the two should throw hands over it. Claiming that the worker “did him] dirty” and that he was “trying to rape him right now,” Breezy was calm throughout the ordeal while still threatening violence by telling the valet, “I should knock you out but I’m not.” 

Although CB has been a lot more careful with what comes out of his mouth in public, this was a minor slip-up as any violent threat can easily be misconstrued coming from his lips. After the two figured everything out money-wise, the Heartbreak on a Full Moon singer told the valet worker to hook him up the next time he showed up, before a quick attempt at an embrace by the attendant. Chris reminded the staffer that he will knock him out if things escalate again before heading to his car.

A few years ago, this likely would have been handled much differently on Chris’ side as he relatively kept his cool, telling the staffer that he better give him a good deal the next time he sees him. While the situation was handled fairly well, it looks like he still has some work to do to avoid altercations altogether.

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