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Chris Janson Announces New Album ‘Real Friends’ Out October 18

Chris Janson has announced that his third studio album will drop this fall. Titled Real Friends, the project will be released on Oct. 18. The singer-songwriter says it’s his favorite album of his to date.

“I made with Real Friends with actual real friends,” he says in a statement. “I produced the album with real friends, wrote all the songs with real friends, took all the photos for the project with my best friend and wife, Kelly, and I also have a huge collaboration on this album with one of my favorite ‘Ole’ friends!"

He adds, "I’m more excited about music now than I have been in all of my career. Thank you to my fans, who truly are my real friends and helped me get where I am today.”

An official track listing has not been revealed, but the project will include Janson’s current single “Good Vibes.” Penned with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, the feel-good song is the lead track from the album. In a previous interview with Billboard, Janson said "Good Vibes" set the tone for the record.

"I’m extraordinarily happy that we picked this for the first single because] it sort of set the tone for the rest of the album, which is very positive and uplifting and is full of a lot of smiles and happiness,” Janson told Billboard. “Not to say that my other albums have not been that way, but this one has really set a new tone and I’m really proud of that.”

"Good Vibes" follows Janson's past singles “Fix a Drink,” “Drunk Girl” and his breakthrough hit “Buy Me a Boat.” Previously released tracks from the forthcoming album include “Say About Me” and “Waitin’ on 5.”

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