Chris Rock Takes On Mob Boss Role In Season 4 Of "Fargo"

Chris Rock is ditching stand up and sneakers for mob ties and Tommy guns in the fourth season of “Fargo.”

 is making his return to the television screen this spring in one of the most coveted fictitious period-piece television series of this generation in Fargo. The Bigger & Blacker comedian is temporarily ditching the standup mic for suits, ties, guns, and a mustache that convincingly adds to his aesthetic as crime syndicate boss, Loy Cannon. 

In the fourth season of Fargo, Cannon is leading a group of black migrants fleeing the Jim Crow South to Kansas City, Missouri in hopes he’ll be able to lead his people to prosperity and settle in a safe environment. Unfortunately, with the presence of the Kansas City mafia looming around the displaced people, Cannon is forced to take on the mafia. Surprisingly, the two opposing groups come to an agreement that they would trade eldest sons to be raised by each other’s families in order to force peace within the community. 

While on a recent promo tour for the upcoming season of the highly-popularized drama, Chris Rock revealed that he was pleasantly surprised he received a role in the show, stating, “I was shocked. I did not think in my wildest dreams it was to be on the show. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Chris Rock recently contributed to the  on stage during Saturday Night Live. Season four of Fargo will premiere on April 19 on FX. Check out the full trailer for new season featuring Chris Rock as Loy Cannon in the video provided below. 

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