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Close Friends Remember Anticon Records Co-Founder Alias

Co-founder Anticon Records, Brendon “Alias” Whitney, passed away on Friday (March 30). He was 41. Sage Francis,longtime friend and collaborator, took to Twitter to break the news on Saturday (March 31).

“Theres no proper way to say this or deal with this, but so I want to put this out there and then step away for a while,” the Strange Famous Records boss wrote. “Our great friend and longtime collaborator Brendon Whitney (@AliasAnticon) passed away a heart attack yesterday. No one was nicer. No one. We love you, Bren.”

A tweet from Anticon backed up Sage’s annoucement: “Just received news a major loss – the passing our dear friend and Anticon co-founder @AliasAnticon. We will always remember him for his incredible heart and talent, and the support he gave us all. Rest in peace Brendon Whitney.”

The Maineproducer (and sometimes rapper) established Anticon in 1998 along with fellow co-founders Tim “Sole” Holland,Doseone, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Pedestrian, and Yoni Wolf WHY?.

Solesaid toHipHopDX, “Alias is truly one the greatest producers all time. I can’t believe he is gone.”

The Chicharones’ Sleep, another longtime friend, added, “Alias was a beautiful person and his music helped change the soundscape Hip Hop. He will always be a legend and he helped pioneer the indie movement. He will forever be missed. His death caught me f guard. He was such a wonderful guy. I’m really sad about his passing.”

Ceschi Ramos, co-founder Fake Four Inc., also spoke on Alias’ undeniable impact on the indie Hip Hop world.

“When I first met the Anticon collective, I was in my late teens,” Ramos told DX. “These guys were living in a warehouse in East Oakland, just constantly working on music, running a label and living together. It made me want to drop my college scholarship and just do what they did.

“I originally found out about these artists from a compilation they released when I was in my final year high school. I heard Alias ‘Divine Disappointment’ and the concept moved me. Then, I discovered a bootleg Deep Puddle Dynamics formerly Live Poets] and it blew my mind open. I had never heard conceptual, philosophical Hip Hop pushed so far. Alias production on Soles Bottle Of Humans moved me.”

Ramos says that was nothing compared to meeting the man behind the moniker.

“He was as genuine and humble as they come,” he said. “Dose and Sole had these giant personas. As much as I loved them, they were slightly intimidating to be around sarcastic as hell, and rockstars to me. Alias was just this super fucking cool guy who listened and didnt judge, who made us feel worthy. This guy didnt have a bad bone in his body. Anybody will tell you that.

“To me, he was a master producer who constantly pushed himself forward. When he felt like rapping, he had moments ultimate connection such as the underground classic, ‘Watching Water.’ Even though I havent seen him in years, I will always respect him and consider him a legend, and an integral force in the history progressiveHip Hop. It tears me up that I even have to say this right now. Sending love to his family.”

Wolf reacted to Alias’ passing on Twitter, writing, “I am beyond saddened by this news. Bren was a human the highest quality. We love and miss him so much.”

Doseone echoed Wolf’s sentiments and tweeted, “Bren is the most beautiful man I have ever had the privledge sharing air with. He is my mentor my idol and my brother. His love for me, meant I was lovable, because his purity as a person was never to be questioned. His talents only matched by his kindness,I love him forever.”

Several his other close friends and peers also took to social media to express their condolences, including Slug Atmosphere, El-P, Blueprint, Dumbfoundead and B. Dolan.

Check out their reactions below.