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Clout Chaser Who Squared Up With 50 Cent Threatens To Steal His Girl

This is clout chasing at its finest.

If ever there were a university course on Clout Chasing, NFL Dume would be a suitable professor. Before yesterday, a very small number of people knew who this dude even was and still, a fraction of folks have actually checked out his music. When he approached while the man was on a date with Nikki Nicole of Black Ink Crew, Fiddy tried to tell the aspiring rapper that he wasn’t interested in hearing his rhymes. When the guy got pushy, things nearly escalated into a fistfight. . After getting rejected on a viral scale, NFL Dume has responded by chasing after even more clout, approaching dangerous levels of bum status by threatening to steal the general’s date.

Clout Chaser Who Squared Up With 50 Cent Threatens To Steal His Girl
Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

In case it wasn’t enough to ruin a potentially romantic evening between the two entertainers, NFL Dume took to his social pages after the altercation and . “I don’t give a fuck how big you think you are,” said the clout chaser. “Size don’t mean shit. Like yeah, I grew up listening to your music, I salute you, you feel me, but when I approached you I was like ‘yo I want you to look at my Instagram.’ That was it. But you was getting gangsta my n***a. That shit don’t fly over here.”

He went on to give 50 Cent even more reason to drag his name through the mud, threatening to take his girl away from him. “That bitch you was with, she thick as hell. Nikki Nicole, wassup baby? I seen you was looking at me smiling. Waddup tho? I should have snatched her away on sight.”

This man needs to take a seat. Watch his response below.

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