Coachella Releases Four Tet x Fred Again.. x Skrillex Closing Set on Youtube


After news broke that Frank Ocean would be pulling out for Weekend 2 of Coachella due to an ankle injury, it was quickly announced that the powerhouse trio of Four Tet, Fred Again.., and Skrillex would be taking over the main stage for the final performance of Coachella 2023.

During the time of the festival, the live stream experienced serious audio problems that left fans tuning in from around the world unable to enjoy the historic set. It was later revealed that the problems were due to the audio being recorded in mono. To allow fans at home who may have missed out to fully enjoy the experience, Skrillex spent 24 hours remixing the sound in stereo. The show starts off where it all began for the trio, with the viral track “Rumble,” and the group throws in a remix of “I Miss You,” nodding to the band Blink-182 which performed before them.

Check out the full set above.

In other news, mixtape website Spinrilla has been ordered To shut down and pay $50M USD to labels.

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