Cole Sprouse Supposedly Looks Just Like Terrence Howard In New Photo Shoot

People were floored by Cole Sprouse’s striking resemblance to Terrence Howard in the “Riverdale” star’s recent photo shoot.

Here’s a comparison you probably never thought you’d hear: child actor turned Riverdale lead, Cole Sprouse, is getting mistaken for none other than Empire star Terrence Howard in a new photo shoot. On Wednesday (May 20th), Cole posted some photos from the summery shoot taken by photographer Alex Hainer, in which the actor rocks his natural blonde hair colour, a moustache and goatee, and a rare tan. “Some more from @alex_hainer to sever my audience in twain,” Cole wrote in the caption on Instagram.

The photos began circulating online, and it didn’t take long for someone to point out that Cole low key looks a lot like a rather unexpected person: Terrence Howard.

The two began trending together on Twitter, which confused a ton of unknowing people at first.

Do you think they look alike?

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