Columbus Short Bizarrely Talks About Saving R. Kelly’s Victims

Columbus Short recently confused his viewers when speaking about R. Kelly. In what began as a story about how Short and Jackie Long were working on their album at R. Kelly’s personal studio. However, instead of being a story about Short spotting a red flag in Kelly, Short went on a bizarre tangent. “If I had known there were 13 b-tches locked in that house. If I had known, I would be grabbing the keys and freeing all them. I would be like a superhero, saving all those b-tches,” Short said.

However, fans were exactly receptive to this tangent. “Y’all. The word is WOMEN. Take that word into 2024,” said one person. “Why refer to the victims with derogatory names?! 🤡,” added another. “We betta than that @officialcshort I believe the terms are “young women/ladies/girls” like all the women in your family . That was a conscious choice cuz Lord knows if you were recounting this story to your mama,” a third lectured.

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Columbus Short Calls Out Diddy

However, R. Kelly is not the only person who has been the subject of Short’s ire lately. Short also recently called out Diddy. According to the actor and choreographer, Diddy called him at “2, 2:30 in the morning” to express sadness at Short not being at the BET Awards. However, Diddy continued to take things further, telling Short that he was staying at a nearby Hilton Hotel. However, when Short who else was over there, Diddy informed him he was alone.

Rumors that Diddy is closeted have long persisted throughout the music industry. “Diddy admitted to exposing Usher to older women, a hyper-sexual lifestyle, and trying to get him to lose his virginity when Usher was around 14/15,” one person wrote on social media back in July. “Lest I digress, I believe Usher’s relations with women and his life might have been different had it not been for Mr. Love,” another added in the same conversation.

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