Connoisseurs of Hip Hop: The Interviews Volume 1 – Book Release

This collection of 20 interviews with golden age and current Hip Hop artists gives the reader an insight into some of the industry’s leading lights. Hear their creative process and inspirational life stories.

Over the past six years SKANDOUZ and Tom Foolery Beats have brought listeners close to 250 live radio sets and podcasts from weekly shows on London’s premiere Hip Hop station: Itch FM and Reel Rebels Radio to their now monthly podcast on mixcloud.

Renowned for
their guests and exclusive interviews the Connoisseurs create an environment in
which their guests feel really at home allowing them to conduct very natural
interviews with famous artists.

A real page
turner for a universal audience but aimed at Hip Hop heads, it’s alphabetically
ordered for dipping in and out of. Pick your favourite artist and get that bit
closer. Discover new artists and gain knowledge and inspiration.

“There’s a
genuine fascination, an inner fizzy sunshine in music that you witness, and I
think that’s the thing for me that is hard to bottle and explain to people, but
it is absolutely infectious” – Ty

“You can’t have any words that ring shallow because you can’t put a lot of belief in shallow words”  – Chuck D

Connoisseurs of Hip Hop is out now, grab your copy here” – Theo Specone

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