Conor McGregor Reveals His Pick For Greatest UFC Fighter Ever

Conor McGregor has some interesting opinions on who the greatest UFC fighter of all time is.

 and he has steadily been making a name for himself over the last 10 years. If you’re a fan of combat sports, you definitely know who McGregor is. In some people’s eyes, he is one of the best to ever do it although his record would most likely say otherwise. He is certainly entertaining but there have been blemishes on his career that need to be taken into account.

Recently, McGregor took to Twitter where he revealed who he thinks are the greatest UFC fighters ever. In the convoluted Twitter thread below, McGregor notes that Anderson Silver is number one, McGregor himself is close behind at number two, while Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones are practically tied at number three.

As you can imagine, McGregor’s declarations led to a ton of debate in his comments but that is to be expected. Putting Silva number one is definitely a good look but McGregor at two is a huge stretch. GSP or Jones would be better suited for those slots, although if McGregor were to beat Khabib in a rematch, perhaps he could inch closer to that number one spot.

Let us know what you think of his picks in the comments below.

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