Conor McGregor Sends Vicious Threats At Justin Gaethje

Conor McGregor has a lot to get off his chest these days.

is easily one of the most outspoken athletes in the entire UFC and recently, he went on an extended rant on Twitter about Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje. For some backstory,  for years although Conor has refused to acknowledge him. Over the weekend, . This has angered McGregor who has wanted a rematch with the Dagestanian for the last two years.

In his rant, McGregor promises that Khabib will chicken out of his fight with Gaethje and that the American will end up fighting Conor at a date to be determined. In fact, McGregor is now sending some threats Gaethje’s way, noting that he will absolutely destroy the most recent UFC 249 winner. McGregor even seems to be holding a grudge from the time Gaethje told him he was a bad dad.

“I am going to fucking butcher you,” McGregor wrote. “Your teeth. I’m going to put them on a fucking necklace. Speak on my skills as a father? You are fucking dead.”

McGregor also went on to call Khabib an embarrassment for the way he is always ducking fights. It’s clear that McGregor has an axe to grind and only a fight will be able to settle his differences.

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