Conrad Mundy – The Ghosts Of Chef Maras [Video]

Taken from his joint EP with CLBRKS, ‘The Ghosts Of Chef Maras’ is a severely atmospheric and sinister effort from talented rapper Conrad Mundy. Released on Loudhouse with an accompanying video, this moody, terse track is compelling and intelligently written, while the production from Drae Da Skimask is sharp and clean. 

Conrad shows off his interesting style and poetic pen game. His delivery and flow are both nuanced and authentic. The track’s lyrics are ominous and harsh, whilst also being satirically amusing and conscientious. The opening line ‘Ghosts in my yard like they family’ is particularly affecting. The main sample used on the beat is hazy and ghostly, with heavy, robust 808’s and dreamy high hats giving the instrumental energy and momentum. 

There is a lot going for this track and the EP as a whole. The video is suitably dark and dingy, matching the sense of dread and intrigue that the song creates. Plenty to come from Conrad Mundy. 

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