Coolio Teaches White People How To Pronounce Hip Hop Words

Hollywood, CA – During a recent episode Jeopardy, a contestant by the name Nick learned a hard lesson when he pronounced “gangsta” as “gangster” in reference to Coolio’s 1995 hit “Gangsta’s Paradise.” As a result, he lost $3200. So, in an effort to prevent these kinds travesties from happening again, Coolio stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday (January 5) to kick some knowledge.

Armed with the title Pressor Coolio, the rap vet taught three white men dressed in suits how to properly pronounce various Hip Hop words during asketch called “Pronunciation Station.”

From how to annunciate “beatch” correctly to the right way to say, Coolio ran down a comical list words, song titles and artists’ names commonly mispronounced.

After all, there’s a significant difference between“more money, more problems” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Watch the video above.