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Coti's 'Por Ahi' Exclusive

In the midst of a pandemic, and at a time when social distancing has become part of our every day life, Coti‘s new “Por Ahí” video, premiering exclusively on Billboard today (May 13), will bring you closer to humanity.

“In this year, one that’s] so strange and especially mobilizing, ‘Por Ahí’ brings] beautiful melodies and arrangements,” says the Argentinian singer-songwriter of what he hopes the song achieves. “Most importantly, it has] the kind of energetic atmosphere you can only get with music,” he adds.

After a powerful guitar intro, Coti sings, “We reached the bottom and we see each other again. What if we erase our scars and become a little happier?” And just like that, Coti provides a beacon of hope. All that’s left to do is take this time to heal and recharge.

“Por Ahí” was recorded and mixed during quarantine remotely between Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, with musicians from his band Los Brillantes and Guasones.

The track was penned in collaboration with Coti’s friend and collaborator Cuino Scornik, as well as Nico Landa.

Watch the exclusive premiere of Coti’s “Por Ahí” below:

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