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Countdown To HipHopDX At SXSW: WHATUPRG

WHATUPRG is a Mexican-American artist/producer from Gwinnett County, Georgia. Even with only a few singles out, RG has managed to garner an impressive resume over the last two years with credits including a feature on Derek Minors High Enough EP and, more recently, the Lecrae and Andy Mineo-assisted Light Work from the 116 collective.

At only 21 years old, RG aspires to create from a place vulnerability and honesty. Im not ashamed my faith and Im not afraid transparency; this is me,” he said. “Im only human and youre gonna get that on every song.”

We had a quick chat withWHATUPRG as he prepares to rock DX’s SXSW showcase stage.

HipHopDX: Have you ever performed at SXSW before?

WHATUPRG: This is my first SXSW.

What are you most excited about performing at the festival?

Just the experience, overall. Not sure what to expect but Im excited to be with my friends and make memories.

Do you plan on watching other performances? Which ones are you most likely to see?

Everything. Whatever I can make it to, Im there. I got friends performing on other stages so you know I gotta support.

There are thousands artists performing at SXSW. Why should people come and see you?

I feel like everybodys there to prove themselves or maybe even validation. I could be wrong but Im just there to have a good time. Come through and party with the kid.

What was your first show outside your hometown and what was the best memory it?

Orlando, Florida. I got paid with Disney Land tickets and I wasnt mad. I was like 12 at the time. Before I had bills and responsibilities.

What was your first paid gig?

I dont quite recall. My mom used to manage me and she always made sure at least the gas was taken care but she was too nice. I think I started making real money last year.

If youve watched The Breakdown, what was your favorite episode? Did you agree or disagree with it?

Damn, theyre all dope. The Will Smith one was great. I definitely agree with the Andre 3000 Is The GOATone but I think the 3 Lane Theory video was my favorite. I love how broad Hip Hop is and can be. Theres room for all us.

What’s one unique face about yourself that you want your fans to know?

I actually started writing raps in Spanish when I was 12, it was just easier because its my first language. I might just start doing it again.

Check out WHATUPRG at DXs Rap Rising showcase at SXSW on March 16 at The Parish.