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Cuban Doll Passed Out On Pavement In Pink Bikini After Birthday Party

Cuban Doll may have gone a little too hard on the bottles.

This winter, . The rapper has alleged that she was not involved sexually with but her friend . Cuban and Summer had a falling out and during their feud, text messages were released that seemingly showed Offset asking the two girls to join him for some three-way fun. Offset and are back together now and Cuban Doll is getting her reputation back to how it was prior to the drama. This weekend, she celebrated her 21st birthday though and now that she’s of legal age to consume alcohol, she made sure to have a night to (probably not) remember. 

Cuban Doll Passed Out On Pavement In Pink Bikini After Birthday Party
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

The Dallas artist shared several photos and videos of herself suffering the aftermath of her birthday party. She was unconscious while her friend captured the classy moment, showing her passed out on the pavement in her shiny pink bikini. “Y’all wanna see a dead body,” asks Cuban’s friend. The rapper starts to regain consciousness, stirring around between two vehicles as her friend tries to get her back on her feet. In a follow-up post, Cuban Doll says that she actually lost her phone, offering money to anybody that may have found it at the party.

Hopefully, the artist had a good time at her party despite losing her phone… and her consciousness. Happy birthday Cuban Doll!

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