D.L. Hughley Says Kanye West Would Be in a Conservatorship If He Was a Woman

D.L. Hughley and Kanye West

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D.L. Hughley Says Kanye West Would Be in a Conservatorship If He Was a Woman

  /  10.31.2022

D.L. Hughley has some words for Kanye West.

The comedian, who has beefed with Ye in the past, is weighing in on West’s “erratic” behavior, claiming that the only thing preventing him from being in a conservatorship is his gender.

Hughley says that West’s outbursts, including his anti-Semitic remarks and false allegations about George Floyd’s death, should warrant him to be placed in a conservatorship. He says that if Britney Spears and Wendy Williams were making the same claims as Kanye, they would be under court-ordered protection.

“If Kanye West was a female, if he had a vagina, he would already be in a conservatorship,” Hughley told TMZ. “Ask Wendy Williams or Britney Spears. And they didn’t do half the erratic stuff he did.”

However, he stopped short of saying whether Ye should actually be in a conservatorship. “That’s not up to me. Clearly we have different standards.”

Hughley also dismissed Ye’s comparisons to George Floyd and Emmett Till. “Emmett Till died from whistling at a white woman,” he noted. “You’re in trouble right now because you can’t shut the f**k up.”

He continued, “I don’t understand what comparison he has to George Floyd or Emmett Till. As far as I know, Kanye will rise again. I’m sure he’ll do well again. Those two people will never rise again. They’ll always be dead. And they’re dead because of white supremacy.”

Ye’s Instagram account has been restricted once again for repeatedly breaking the rules on the social media platform. In one of his recent posts, he claimed that he was suffering an “economic lynching” at the hands of Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel, who he accused of “forcing” the mother of George Floyd’s daughter to sue him for $250 million.

West also shared a screenshot of a conversation with someone with the initials “RS,” reportedly Russell Simmons, who tried to talk him down. Ye responded with saying he wants to get the “Jewish business people to make contracts fair … Or die trying.”

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