D Smoke Murders Outkast’s "Rosa Parks" Beat During L.A. Leakers Freestyle

D Smoke gets introspective and intellectual in his bars.

Daniel Anthony Farris, better known by his stage name of, D Smoke, rose to prominence when . Despite being brothers with ‘s very own, SiR, the 34-year-old instrumentalist/emcee found his very own entry into the forefront of the mainstream music realm. Last year, the Los Angeles-bred rapper released his debut EP, , featuring singles like    and more. Earlier this week, D Smoke stopped by LA’s Power 106 to gift the L.A. Leakers, Justin Credible and DJ SourMilk, with a freestyle over Outkast’s “Rosa Parks” instrumental. 

D Smoke Murders Outkast's "Rosa Parks" Beat During L.A. Leakers Freestyle Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Initially, it took the lyricist some time to find a pocket where he wanted to deliver his bars before touching on a multitude of subjects including his hometown of Inglewood, the fascism plaguing the White House, societal pressures, Garveyism, and more before wrapping up his freestyle in Spanish in a minute-long display of his multi-linguistic abilities. The well-versed songwriter aggressively spit:

“Society is sickened and variety is the prescription
Creatively impaired why are n*ggas shared to be different
Underexposed, overstimulated children are born targets of marketing ploys
Intellect rarely employed
Making decisions based on indigenous wisdom
They take away our freedom and give a n*gga religion” 

In preparation of his debut studio LP, Bad Habits (2020), set to drop on Feb. 7, D Smoke has dropped singles  and  in support of his musical offering. Check out D Smoke viciously dissect Outkast’s classic “Rosa Parks” instrumental in the video provided below. 

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