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DaBaby Earns Crazy Praise From The Rock: "I’m Officially A Legend Now"

Kevin Gates also got the co-sign.

Growing up watching professional wrestling, there were a few athletes that stood out among the bunch. . With his electrifying personality, his top-notch skills on the microphone, and his ability to perform some of the most exciting moves in the ring, Rocky is truly one of the greatest performers in professional wrestling history. . In order to stay in ring shape whenever WWE gives him a call, Johnson stays hustling inside the gym and we all know that in order to push it to that next level, sometimes you need some musical motivation. This week, and when the rapper shouted him out on his “POP STAR” record with , the actor felt a need to respond publicly.

In the hook for “POP STAR,” Baby gets aggressive and says that he’s “ready to beat a n***a up” like he’s The Rock. While he was pumping iron, Johnson heard the line and took a time-out to show mad love to the rising star from North Carolina.

“Shoutout to my boy ,” said the wrestler. “His new album is out now called KIRK. This track right here is called ‘POP STAR’ with Kevin Gates. I appreciate the shoutout.” He goes on to hit his famous eyebrow raise when his name is mentioned in the song before congratulating both rappers on their success and their new albums.

Baby Jesus was happy to see that The Rock messed with the project, claiming high status as a result. “I’m officially a legend now dawg,” he typed as his caption, reposting the video to his account.

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